Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Ladies Have Arrived!!

We try to grow and garden as organically as possible...
and with a break in the temperatures our first shipment of Ladybugs have arrived and are happily living in the greenhouse!
There are differences between our beloved Ladybugs and those annoying Multi-Colored Asian Beetles. Asian Beetles were imported to the United States around 1916 to control mostly tree aphids. Asian Beetles are more orange to yellow in color and can be identified by a "W" or "M" shape on their head. Asian Beetles swarm...and hibernate. They also secrete a yellow and very smelly fluid from their bodies. I'll take a good old fashioned ladybug any day! You should see the face of the delivery guy when he skates through the ice to hand me my little box of ladybugs in the middle of winter!!


  1. go ladies go ladies. we all know ladies work the hardest and look at those coleus, wave petunia's?? and geraniums woohoo. fun fun spring is coming sooner or later

  2. your making me really anxious for spring....come on spring!


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