Friday, February 4, 2011

Doing Some Of This And Some Of That...

  The baby Pansies have been transplanted into their 'big kid' pots.  They're so cute!!
Here's a preview of some new treasures from the shop!  I love designing with the flowers that we have harvested and dried from our own gardens!  It might be February...but thanks to our freeze dry technology I am enjoying beautiful blooms from our summer gardens!
I might just have to put my order in for one of these tables...a new creation from that husband of mine!  With granite and glass mosaic tiles...oh, you really are after my heart!!!  I think we might have another addition to that 'honey-do' list!!
  I am remembering how beautiful this garden was last fall...
and I know it's there somewhere...
...under all this snow!  Thinking of that first day of Spring...only 44 days away!!!

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