Thursday, May 14, 2015

Just In Time!

So grateful to have gotten the vegetable and herb gardens planted before more raindrops began to fall!

The plants have been mulched with alfalfa and after our seeds have sprouted we will mulch the entire garden. The alfalfa mulch will hold moisture in the soil, choke out any weeds and it will add vital nutrients to our soil. 

And what is with those crazy ribbons? Blame it on the bunnies. 

I swear they hide under the bushes and plan their menu with every hole we dig. We've tried everything. Fences, organic repellents and farm cats. Our silly ribbons seem to be the best deterrent. The sound and movement of the ribbons blowing in our constant wind scares the bunnies enough to keep them away from our vegetables. It's wonderful to find an easy and inexpensive solution to a gardening problem!

The wind helps with our bunny problems but it sure stresses our newly planted tomatoes. After they are safely planted in their cages we wrap the base of the cage in ordinary household plastic wrap until the plants are established. Another inexpensive and easy solution!

Can't wait for our first harvest! 

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