Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First Blooms

Papaver Orientale

Oriental Poppy

Poppies can be a bit fussy in our gardens but they are well worth a little effort. The winters we experience out here on the prairie seem to be tough on plants like poppies and lupines. Wait for the seed heads to mature then place the entire seed head barely below ground. Let Mother Nature do the work for you and baby poppies and lupines will appear for you the next year. Some of our poppy blooms measure 14 inches across. These fragile looking flowers really withstand the wind, too!

Finally.....the first rose of the season!

Centaurea dealbata

Bachelor Button, Knapweed

Growing to 18 inches high this zone 3 perennial adds late spring and early summer beauty to the gardens. It is tolerating our dry weather beautifully!


False Indigo

Beautiful blue blooms and interesting seed pods through the summer.

Dark Leafed Dahlia - Sunshine

One of our most requested plants! Our first bloom of the season with many more to come!


  1. Hi Sue ~ Your garden is looking lovely! Can't wait until the fall open house. I also wanted to let you know that I did a post about your new blog on my blog.

  2. What a pretty post! (Andrea sent me over to take a peek).

    I'm in North Carolina, and our baptisia just finished blooming. Now we've got huge seed pods for the birds to feast on. Have you seen the white and yellow varieties as well? So pretty.

    I look forward to stopping by again to see what else you've got growing.


  3. Very beautiful! Glad to have found your blog, Andrea sent me along this way.

  4. What a lovely garden. I found you through Andrea's blog. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from your garden! :)KIM


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