Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plants You Don't Want To Miss!

Gazania Kiss Series
Orange Flame

After a long cold winter it's finally time to plant our gardens.........

Bears Breeches

and we all head to the greenhouse hungry for some blooming color.......

Vigna Caracalla
Snail Vine

but look at the beautiful plants that we missed along the way!

Clerodendron Ugandensis
Butterfly Bush

This little Gazania looks like sunshine in the garden! The little Acanthus is a Zone 6 perennial. We overwinter our Zone 6 perennials in pots inside our garage, water them monthly and enjoy their beautiful blooms again the next spring! Vigna Caracalla (Snail Vine) is a fast growing vine with unusual snail shaped blossoms. It is beautiful in a container garden grown on an topiary. Butterfly Bush is a fitting name for this Clerodendron. We enjoy it in a container garden on the patio and love to watch the butterflies flock to it!

Now is the time to make notes about the beautiful plants you would like to have in your gardens next year. It's time to start a garden journal!!


  1. Your pictures are awesome, I would like to know what type of camera you are using to get such clarity on your close ups.

  2. I love the Bears Breeches, Snail Vine, Butterfly Bush...well, you get the idea :o)


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