Monday, February 23, 2015

A New Fermented Favorite!

I love this time of year! The rooting cuttings and sprouting seeds in our greenhouse fill my heart with anticipation for this year's growing season. I look forward to spending another year in these glorious gardens but I also know that we are another year 'older', too! We are both determined to stay young and enjoy many more years of gardening on the Flower Farm, so we get plenty of exercise  (also known as 'work' out here.) We also grow a large vegetable garden and freeze, dehydrate and ferment our harvest. We love the fresh tastes of our preserved garden veggies but sometimes we are tempted by the organic produce aisle at our local grocery store. When I read about fermenting bananas...well, I couldn't resist. Hmmm...Bananas! Raw honey would be perfect! I filled a very small jar with banana slices and drizzled them with raw honey along with a small amount of water. Only two days later...we couldn't resist the amazing aroma and devoured the entire jar in a matter of minutes. 

Time for banana ferment number two! 

A few banana slices into a pint-sized jar...

then two more tablespoons of raw honey added to what was left from our first banana ferment...just to give it a little 'kick start'. 

usually use kale or cabbage leaves to keep my veggies submerged under the brine but honey, bananas and kale didn't sound like a good flavor combination for this new ferment. So I got creative!

These glass stones were the perfect answer!


This is only 48 hours later. They will be devoured tomorrow!

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