Friday, February 20, 2015

Laughing in Flowers...

This is what happens when it's been a busy day on the Flower Farm. It's no secret that we have been eating healthier around here and when our day began to wind down, I was looking forward to making turkey casserole with the leftover turkey we roasted earlier in the week. I was so proud of myself as I cooked whole grain pasta in the whey I had reserved from making a batch of cottage cheese in our own kitchen. I stirred in organic kale, added diced peppers and onions from the freezer and crushed a few dehydrated tomatoes; all from our garden. I tossed in a few home-grown herbs and we both remarked that this particular February meal had the aroma of summer. Time to catch the news and weather...well, on the Flower Farm it's mostly about the weather. After watching a cute story about the area fish fries, my sweetie reminded me that we really hadn't taken the time to check the grocery ads this week. "You would think there might be some great sales on fish right now. The new ads should be coming out tomorrow. We'll have to check them".  HUH?...Umm..The grocery ads arrive on Wednesday. Today is Friday. "It's Friday"?  Yes, today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday.  

It was only a few minutes later when it occurred to me that I had spent so much time admiring our turkey casserole...that I had neglected to add the turkey!!!! 

Its all good though!

A great laugh...and a wonderful reminder of how much we look forward to beautiful sights like this in our prairie gardens! God really does laugh in flowers. We do, too!

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  1. Beautiful! I can just smell the fresh summer air!


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