Monday, May 18, 2009


Prairie Phlox

We had lots of visitors to the shop and greenhouse this weekend and there seemed to be two common questions that were asked.

"My hardy grasses are not growing! I don't think they survived the winter!"

This might be the spring that requires a bit of patience. Cool spring days and nights are inhibiting the emergence of certain plants. Our lack of rainfall is contributing to the problem. The warm weather expected this week should encourage growth but some irrigation and an application of fertilizer in your gardens would help!

"How do I get a 'Cottage Garden" look in my yard?"

Think color, variety and texture! First, remember the old rule. Taller plants in the back and shorter plants in the front. Plant drifts of color. Instead of planting a single plant here and there plant three, four or even five plants of the same variety and color in one area of the garden. Several plants will provide more impact than a single color or variety. Plant taller, spikey plants in the back of your garden such as liatris, digitalis, larkspur or delphinium. The spikey plants create more height and drama in the rear of the garden. The full and open blooms of peonies or marigolds center the middle of the garden. Short and small flowered plants such as alyssum, gazania or portulaca create a landing area toward the ground at the front of the bed. A nice mix of perennials and annuals will provide constant bloom throughout the growing season.

This beautiful Iris greeted me in the garden this weekend!

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  1. Wow gorgeous plants and how wonderful to find a blogger who is so knowlegable in plants. I'm moving so the new plant info will help me a lot. Nice blog, Pearl


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