Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Little About What's Blooming

Dictamnus albus 'Purpureus' - Gas Plant
This little treasure is very slow growing but worth the wait! It earned is name due to the fact that the flowers give off a strong citrus scented vapor which on a calm day can be ignited with a match. Choose a permanent home for this plant as it will not survive a move.
Iris sibiraca 'Caesar's Brother'
These tough little Zone 4 beauties are a special addition to our late spring gardens. The small sized flowers and foliage add texture and variety to our other spring blooming plants. You know it is time to dig and divide these Iris when the center of the clump appears to be dead and the living part of the plant surrounds this area. Dig the entire clump, separate the outer ring into several new plants and discard the browned center portion.

Anthole Begonia
This has been the year to begin my new collection of Begonias and this is a real find! The leaves are as large as a human hand and have an amethyst glow to them. Elegant white flowers tower over the foliage. Begonias make great houseplants during the winter months. This has been a popular plant in our greenhouse this spring!

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  1. Love the leaves on the begonia plant...and that gas plant, never heard of that one.


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