Thursday, May 28, 2009

Treasures In The Garden

Apple Blossom Rosebud Geranium

This geranium blooms beautifully all summer and really doesn't mind our Nebraska heat and humidity. The beautiful double flowers have a long vase life - a real bonus!


We treat this lovely plant as a biennial in our garden. Lupines are a short lived perennial so we plant them in our gardens each year so some will return for the next growing season.

Lonicera Sempervirens 'Blance Sandman'

Honeysuckle Vine

Now three years old this Honeysuckle Vine is very grand and anchors one of the gardens. Gorgeous!

There is lots of work to do in the greenhouse right now. We are growing many of the unique plants we are known for so they are available to our group tour customers this summer. The new plants in the gardens are beginning to recover from their initial planting stress and the gardens and containers are beginning to show a lot of color. It's fun to watch the daily changes!

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